Владимир Милов

Russian opposition politician, publicist, economist & energy expert. Former Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia (2002), author of major energy reform concepts, including the concept of market restructuring of Gazprom, which was banned from implementation by President Vladimir Putin. Founder and president of the Institute of Energy Policy, a leading independent energy policy think tank (since 2003), columnist of two major Russian political and business editions, Vedomosti and Gazeta.Ru. Since 2008 Milov had joined Russian opposition politics, writing a critical report on the 8 years of Vladimir Putin’s presidency “Putin. The Results” (together with Boris Nemtsov). Leader of the opposition “Democratic Choice” movement.

Материалы, написанные автором:

  • Russian Economy in Limbo, 07:48, 13.07.2010
    After being hit hard by the global financial crisis, Russian economy finds itself in a difficult situation. It needs to somehow find ways to return to sustainable economic growth, beyond ...