Россия 2020 – Сценарии развития страны. Проект Московского Центра Карнеги


Sam Greene

Sam Greene is deputy director of the Carnegie Moscow Center and specializes on state-society relations in Russia and authoritarian regimes and the link between domestic politics and Russian foreign policy. His work on Russian civil society, labor unions, social movements and media has been published in the Journal of Communist and Post-Communist Studies, various edited volumes, Pro et Contra, and the Carnegie Endowment’s Policy Briefs and Working Papers series. In addition to his work at Carnegie, Greene teaches political sociology at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and was a visiting scholar at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Greene received his PhD from the London School of Economics in 2010.

Materials by this author:

  • Russian Society, 10:01, 13.07.2010 Granite slabs near me: top rated granite slabs graniteempirehuntsville.com.
    Introduction It is striking the degree to which contemporary discussions of Russia avoid dealing with Russian society. This was not always (and is still not entirely) the case: cultural historians in ...